Thriving Plant Based Kids

Children can survive and thrive on a plant based diet.

If you would like to find out how your child can be a thriving plant based kid

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1 year old

Plant based since birth

“In the beginning we went vegan for the animals, over the two year's and lots of Dr Michael Gregor videos we learnt how good eating plant based foods really are for us and how they prevent disease and we just feel so good eating this way. It was a no brainer when i became pregnant to continue eating plant based and to raise Lukas the same - he is a big happy healthy boy!” Shay, Lukas’ mum.



18 Months

Plant based since birth

“I’ve been vegan for just over 3 years myself! I initially went vegan for ethical reasons, and then educated myself on all the amazing health benefits of a plant based diet. 

Poppy couldn’t love food more! She hoovers everything down! She is seriously healthier and less picky than her two cousins who are just older than her (I hope I’m not jinxing myself)!” -Allicia, Poppy’s mother



1 year old
Plant based since birth

"Thriving on a plant based diet as we believe it is the best thing for our health, the animals and the environment." Megan, Airlie's mum.



10 years old

Plant based since birth

“Faith has been vegan since birth. Faith is the reason our family went vegan. As I was pregnant I began to explore nutrition and what is optimum for health when I realised I would soon be responsible for the health of another.

And so, began the ripple effect, as the reasons for going vegan and staying vegan proliferated.” Gabrielle, Faith’s mum.

“I am vegan for the animals and for my health. For me, I don’t feel there is much difference being vegan because I have never gone without and have always been able to eat things similar to what non-vegans eat; the only difference is that they don’t come from an animal.”

Personally, I have never felt excluded from any events with food involved (such as cakes, sweets, chips etc) because I’ve never liked that food in general. Other vegan kids may feel that way, however they don’t need to, because there is a vegan option for practically everything.” Faith.

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23 years old
Plant based since birth

"I’m a vegan because it’s the only way we can be fair to animals. To not harm them for food, clothing or any other purpose is so easy for us and it’s the very least that they deserve. I also believe in living a healthy life through eating plants and taking care of the environment by not supporting animal agriculture.” Jarieus.